Liechtenstein Night

As the weather gets chillier here in Chicago, I knew I had to write up this blog post featuring foods from Liechtenstein. We actually had this a while back and I’ve been meaning to share this but… well life gets busy! Regardless I’m so happy to be sharing this night with you all. Liechtenstein is a very small country that’s tucked between Austria and Switzerland and unlike many of the other countries I’ve featured on here so far – I have actually been to Liechtenstein!

It was over ten years ago but I still remember walking down the small streets and coming across what looked like could have been someone’s home but the window had a sign advertising chicken schnitzel sandwiches. It was perfectly crispy and had a delicious sauce on it that made each bite better than the next.

Although my visit there was brief, I do remember the beautiful mountains that surrounded us and the many castles that speckled the countryside. 

The menu for the night included pork schnitzel, vegan tofu schnitzel, apple fennel slaw, and kasknopfle, which is the ultimate comfort food – AKA a big bowl of cheesy homemade squiggly noodles with caramelized onions. That dish right there is what we all need as we plan for cozy winter nights! Below is a recap of the our delicious dinner and links to each recipe. I hope you enjoy and try out any of these dishes! 






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